People of Grace Fellowship


Joey O. Tupe, eldest son of a Christian widow, was saved in 1970 and studied in Christ to the Philippines four months Bible school, from which he was sent out with teams to various cities in the Philippines, sharing the gospel to mayors, and priests, small villages and tribes, schools and universities. He was chosen to be part of the Viet Nam team and volunteered with a missionary there to pass out tracts. He would enter schools and ask to share about Jesus. The Catholic and Buddhist priests would welcome them, for the Vietnamese love Filipinos. Large numbers accepted the Lord, and thousands were followed up with a Bible correspondence course. Churches were started, not only in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), but in Tam Ky. There, he had his first pastoring experience with 4000 new believers.

Back in the Philippines, Joey married Amy Austin, an American missionary he met in Viet Nam. He studied in Asian Theological Seminary and Foursquare Bible School, while working in his mission and pioneering Haven of Rest (now People of Grace Fellowship) in Kamuning, Quezon City. He also taught in Bible Schools and started our own in the church. When the elementary school began to grow, we focused on that and on church planting. He has planted several churches and mentors pastors around the Philippines.

Evangelist, church planter, pastor, Bible teacher, administrator, mentor, educator, leader of leaders.


Amy A. Tupe, a farm girl from upstate New York, graduate of Houghton College, joined the Viet Nam branch of Wycliffe Bible Translators. In Viet Nam, she met missionary Joey Tupe at a prayer meeting. They were married in the Philippines in 1975.

The Lord sent them to pioneer Haven of Rest, now People of Grace Fellowship, in Kamuning, Quezon City, which has started churches in the Philippines and abroad. Amy’s lifetime projects have been People of Grace Christian School (K-12) and a Bible Literature Curriculum for formal and informal learners. She serves as Senior Women’s Ministries pastor, guiding Women cell leaders of Women, Youth and Children in POGF, Kamuning and Fairview.

People of Grace Fellowship, Inc.
People of Grace Schools Foundation, Inc.

Founding Pastors and Senior Pastors: Joey and Amy Tupe

Pastoral Team:
Pastor Jose O. Tupe - Oversees People of Grace Christian Schools Foundation, Inc., Ushering ministry, Music ministry, Fund-raising ministry,
Pastor Immanuel Tupe - Oversees Social Media Ministry, Phenomenon Youth ministry, Building Project
Pastor Ling Tupe - Oversees Social Media ministry, Training Ministry, Kids Ministry
Pastor Ralph Ayyong - Oversees Video production ministry
Pastor Irene Binasoy - Oversees Social Welfare Ministries, Team leader Finance team
Pastor Matthew Tuazon - Oversees Consolidation and Prayer ministry.
Pastor Amy Tupe - Women’s Ministries Pastor, Oversees Finance team and principal People of Grace Christian Schools
Pastor Flor Sabaldan - Pastoral Prayer secretary
Pastor Manet Villar - Music ministry team leader

About People of Grace Fellowship

When Joey and Amy were pregnant with their first child, Buena, in 1976, they went on door to door evangelism in Kamuning, using their last P5.00 for fares and snack. Within a month, they had started a few Bible studies. After a few months, the church began a formal worship service in an open air space between two houses on K-8th street in Kamuning. When the rain came, a Christian lady on K-7th street offered her small repair garage for services. In 1981, we moved to Boy Scout Hall inside Q.C. High school. In 1988, we were able to buy the first theater in Q.C. on 58 Kamuning Road where we are presently located and plan to build a new seven story building for the Church and registered Christian School (K-12).

From this ministry, we have sister churches here in Metro-Manila and other provinces. Pastors we raised are now in different provinces or countries doing various ministries. All our movement is by faith and the grace of God as we keep obeying His voice together with our Pastoral tam and cell leaders.

Local Church Vision
Extending God’s grace by winning people and restoring families to become godly leaders that will transform nations.
Loving God and loving people is our lifestyle and value as a ministry.

About People of Grace Christian School

PEOPLE OF GRACE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is a ministry of PEOPLE OF GRACE FELLOWSHIP, which is a full member of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches.

Church Vision: Restored happy families becoming godly leaders for community and nation transformation.

Church Mission: Love God through worship and honoring God. Love people by Winning, consolidating, discipling, and sending them through cell ministry.

School Vision: Disciplined, godly and competent servant leaders, sharing His grace to the world.

School Mission: to maintain a Christian K-12 school with excellent curriculum and programs where we can help parents of all children of different backgrounds, nationalities, and capabilities to guide their children and youth to grow in righteousness, wisdom, knowledge and skill to become disciplined, godly and competent servant leaders, sharing His grace to the world.


Pastor Joey O. Tupe and his wife Amy, pastors of People of Grace Fellowship, seeing the problems of school dropouts and gangs in the neighborhood, established a preschool in a garage in K-7th Street, Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines, in 1984.   The children came to know Jesus and learned to read and do simple numbers before grade 1.  This gave them confidence that they could do well in school. The graduates of this kindergarten are Christian engineers, teachers, trusted employees and businessmen today.

In 1988, the congregation, with many miracles from the Lord, purchased the former My-len Theater at Kamuning Road and Judge Jimenez.  This was the largest building in Kamuning on two adjacent corner lots totaling 828m2.  As the only private school in Kamuning, we renovated the theater to accommodate People of Grace Christian School as well as People of Grace Fellowship, with a membership of 400. The K-12 school is fully recognized by the Philippine Department of Education in 2005, with permit to offer the Senior High School with the Academic Track strands: General Academic, Science Technology, and Accounting Business and Management. (DepEd NCR Recognition Nos. P-025, Series 2004; E-015, Series 2004; S-13, Series 2005; DepEd NCR Permission to operate SHS Program: GA SHS-0023, Series 2016; ABM and STEM. No. 0133, Series 2017.)

Along with the parents, we have laid foundations that we prayed would lead to godly discipline and competence in the workplace and in personal and family life.  We pray that the alumni may aid in building their communities and the nation.

We have helped our students change and grow through study of the Word of God and a strong and effective reading and math curriculum.  Students get experience in teamwork and leadership at every level.

Our aim has been to offer a high-quality Christian education, keeping the tuition fees affordable, while offering scholarships to students who could not afford.


  • Inclusive: for families of any religious or non-religious background who are willing for the children to be taught the Bible,
  • Catering to families of OFWs and single parents, with discipling and spiritual and emotional guidance programs.
  • Close collaboration with parents.
  • Dealing with Learning difficulties.

Project Emerge

We are expanding the school by constructing a four-story concrete building on the portion facing K-1st, which will accommodate all the operations of the church and school as we continue to build Phase 2, a four story adjoining structure, and phase 3 which would bring the building to seven floors.  This will include the full court gym, labs, more libraries, correctly sized rooms, and auditorium to meet all the requirements for the Philippine education system and accommodate the needs of our growing church.

These adequate space and facilities would enable us to do the following:

  • To accommodate up to 500 students
  • to avail of the GASTPE, a government plan for private schools to accommodate students from the public schools
  • to participate in TESDA, preparing people for the workplace.
  • to have an improved Special Education program
  • to be accredited (next step after recognition) so we could accept international students who come on student visas.


Contributions can be paid through the school’s BDO account (00115-002-8643) or Eastwest account (2000-10-87858-5), both under People of Grace Christian Schools Foundation Inc., and proof of payment should be sent to People of Grace Christian School’s email address.    All payments will be issued official receipts as we are applying for accreditation to issue tax deductible receipts, in case of corporate contributions.